Payment Tables for Leases with Residuals

Simplify leasing calculations with this complete resource for determining the monthly payment and yield for any leasing agreement. Yield rates are included from 7% to 25% in 1/4% increments and 25 1/2% to 35% by 1/2%; and monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual payment calculations are included. Residual amounts for 0-30% are shown by 5%, with residuals for 40%, 50% and 60% are also included for monthly payments. Quarterly, semiannual, and annual residuals section stop at 50%.

Monthly Payments
Terms of 12 to 60 months are shown by 6 month intervals, 72 to 180 months by 12 month intervals; 240 months is also shown. Figures are shown for 0-10 payments in advance.

Quarterly Payments
Terms of 6 months to 10 years are shown in 6-month increments, and figures are included for 0-5 payments in advance.

Semiannual and Annual Payments
Terms of 1 to 10 years shown by year and figures are included for 0-5 payments in advance.

#16  (ISBN - 978-0-87600-016-8)   Payment Tables for Leases with Residuals,
4"x6 1/2", 768 pages, maroon leatherette cover

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