Simple Interest Payment Charts
Many to Choose From! - Calculate monthly payments quickly & accurately for a multitude of loans. Check out the wide range of interest rates available.
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Pub #883
Pub #1018
Pub #686
Pub #689
Basic Payment Tables
Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual & Annual Payments to 50 years.
Pub #622
Points Discount Disclosure Tables
Find APR's quickly when points are charged on loans running to maturity.
Pub #654
Payment Tables for Leases with Residual
Determines a monthly payment and yield for any leasing agreement with a Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual payment stream.
Pub #16
Residual Lease Rate Charts
Shows the monthly payment & yield for any leasing agreement in compact formats.
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Pub #729
Pub #730
Pub #528
Plus All New Pub #750 designed by our customers for our customers.
Pub #750
Refund Factor Booklets
Compute earnings, percentage refund, or refund for loans based on the Rule of 78's, Sum of the Digits, Actuarial, or Pro-Rata method. Check out our complete line-up of refund publications.
Pub #837
Pub #838
Pub #839
Pub #1001
Pub #1002
Pub #1003
Pub #1004
Pub #840
Pub #1005
Financial Rate Translator
Converts Add-on interest to APR and vice versa.
Pub #825
Custom Rate Charts
Let our experienced staff design and produce a custom chart specifically for your customer needs. For information on creating a custom chart, call us at (574) 243-6040.

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