Custom Rate Charts

Custom Rate Charts

We have a solution to all your financial calculation problems.  Our custom charts are designed to support your unique marketing plansand/or promote your lending programs.  Our charts can include any interest rates (simple, add-on, discount, stepped, or melded maximum state rates), in a format your require.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors with different binding options, custom charts can be developed to fit your specific needs for --

  • Sales Finance/Installment Lending
  • Motor Vehicle/Mobile Home
  • Small Loans/Supervised Loans/Industrial Loans
  • Mortgage Loans -- First and Secondary Loans
  • Delayed First Payment Charts
  • Insurance Premium Finance
  • Leasing Payment Plans
  • Payment Factor Charts/Tables
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Annual Payment Plans
  • Balloon Payment Financing Plans
  • Quick Quote Handbooks
  • Refund Tables
  • Special Compute Only Tables
  • Special Sales Events

We also stock a wide variety of NO INSURANCE simple and add-on interest Baseline charts (6 - 60 months), ready for immediate shipment.

Let our experienced staff design and produce a custom chart specifically for you and your customer needs.  For information on creating a customized chart, call us at (574) 243-6040.


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