The Cost of Personal Borrowing in the United States

This indispensable reference includes a history and overview of the consumer finance laws, state-by-state published prima facie rates for credit life and A&H insurance, plus practical conversion charts for add-on to simple interest, discount to simple interest, simple interest to add-on, and more. You'll turn to it often as a refresher, training tool, and desktop reference.


  • Federal Truth-in-Lending
  • The methods for computing charges
  • Classes of loans, lenders, and statutes governing them
  • The Uniform Consumer Credit Code
  • Late charges for retail installments sales contracts
  • Prepayment: Actuarial and 78's methods
  • Credit insurance
  • State-by-state coverage
  • Finance Charge tables

    NEW Mortgage Lending Section:

  • Types of mortgages
  • Governing regulations
  • Prepaid finance charges
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Common calculation issues

Update Service

Let us do the work! You automatically receive updated pages for the Cost of Personal Borrowing as state and federal laws change. Updated at least 10 times annually, the service includes an updated maximum A.P.R. and interest rate table when UCCC dollar amounts are adjusted, plus revised prima facie credit insurance rates as they change.

Consumer Finance Newsletter

Don't be months behind! This must-have resource tracks both federal and state changes as they happen. You'll also get an overview of upcoming and pending law changes that affect the consumer finance industry.

#830  (ISBN - 978-0-87600-830-9)  The Consumer Finance Compliance Service, $249.00
Comprehensive Package Includes:

  • The Cost of Personal Borrowing in the United States, 9" x 7 3/4" loose-leaf binder
  • Full Year of Updated Service
    (#899  (ISBN - 978-0-87600-899-6)  - $150/year value)
  • Full Year of Consumer Finance Newsletter
    (#898 - $45/year value)

Summaries of consumer finance laws for 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico

Sample Page (32KB)

State-by state maximum late charge selection

Consumer Finance Newsletter

Learn of pending law changes



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