Ideal for mortgages, commercial loans, investments or taxes, our custom amortization schedules make it easy to service your customers more efficiently. You'll receive a fast, accurate printout for unusual financing options as well as those in more common use.

  • Most schedules mailed or faxed to you the day we receive your order
  • Loan schedules computed for any item
  • Interest calculated for odd days to first payment
  • Balloon payments calculated at no extra charge
  • Nominal additional charge for rate or payment changes during life of loan

Direct Reduction Loan Schedules

Prepared for direct reduction loans with equal periodic payments, these schedules calculate the allocation of each payment to principal and interest (ideal for accounting, tax preparation, audits and record keeping), the balance of the loan after each payment and the total interest paid over the life of the loan. Give us the date of the first payment and your schedule will also show the payment due date line by line and annual subtotals. Periodic payments can be yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or any other regular period.


Standard Direct Reduction Amortization Schedule
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A Sample of Other Schedules Available:

  • Exact Day
  • Reverse Annuity (RAM)
  • Service Schedules
  • 78's Method
  • Bond Premium/Discount Amortization
  • APR Calculations for Disclosures
  • Yield/Price CalculationsEqual Principal Reduction
  • Deposit Growth
  • Skipped Payments
  • Changing Payments and/or Rates
  • Irregular Periods
  • Irregular Cash Flows
  • Multiple Disbursements
  • Planned Prepayments

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How to Order Custom Amortization Schedules
Orders by mail, phone, or fax and get a speedy response. If you need something not desribed here, our staff of experienced financial analysts can help you compute or construct any type of financial schedule. For more information on our schedule services, or to place an order, contact us

The cost for standard schedules ordered by phone or fax is $30. If you want us to fax back our response, you will be charged an addititonal $5.00. Prepaid orders are still $25. You may also place orders using your MasterCard, VISA, or American Express.

For more information or to place an order contact us at 800-433-0090 or by email.

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