Financial Publishing Company
A Division of Carleton Inc.

Financial Publishing Company has been in business since 1896, printing financial rate charts since the 1940's. Financial Publishing Company and its friendly competitor, Carleton, Inc., had long been recognized as the leaders in the "mathematics of finance". In 1996 FPC and Carleton, Inc. joined forces to become the leading supplier of financial computational solutions to the banking, mortgage, real estate, consumer credit, and credit insurance industries.

The big move from Boston, Massachusetts, to South Bend, Indiana has proven most beneficial for both companies. Our centralized location makes it easier to reach our clients on both coasts as well as keep everyone's shipping costs down.

On February 28, 2011, we moved into a new building just off the campus of the University of Notre Dame - in a complex called Eddy Street Commons. The move marked the new focus on our software and Internet products marketed through our parent company, Carleton Inc. FPC still provides promotional items for the real estate and mortgage markets, personalized with your company name and logo.

Custom Amortizations and Consulting Services for consumer credit and mortgage lending markets are available through our Research Department, headed by Jeff Buysse. Order forms can be downloaded for quick access and turnaround. Our Cost of Personal Borrowing has long been a reference "bible" among finance departments nationwide and has been serving the industry since 1971. Whether you need to look up a state's loan rates or find out the current prima facie credit life rates in a state - from late fees to maximum APRs - it's in there. Available with monthly update service.

Real Estate Dictionaries, our Real Estate Handbook, and various Monthly Mortgage Payment Tables all come bound in professional looking leatherette covers suitable for stamping your company name and logos for complimentary handouts to your clients.

Our Carleton, Inc. family offers a variety of automated financial services, including SmartPC quoting software packages, loan origination and document preparation packages, and computational software for all loan transactions. Please visit our Carleton, Inc. web site or call a representative at (800) 433-0090 for more information.

Please visit our Products page to learn more about our collection of publications and services we have to offer.

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